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Ecogreen Kenya.

Eco Green is an environmental and community-based organization registered in 2015, led by its founders to promote bamboo growing for livelihood improvement and climate change adaptation and mitigation in Busia County and beyond.The organization primarily engage in Bamboo farming and its value Chain . Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and highest yield renewable natural resource contributing to economic growth of many countries across the world.

We have built a reputation on its ability to provide:

  • Specialized quality services
  • Innovative long-term solutions
  • Visibility in bamboo sub-sector
  • Linkage in resource governance
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Current Promises

Save Water, Energy, Control Pollution & Environment,Bamboo Forest Planting, Bamboo Resource Development, Water Resource Governance, Agri business with a blend of agroforestry under briquettes making and bamboo flour.

  • 2000000

    Bamboo Trees Planted

  • 6000

    + Acres planted

  • 5000


(INBAR) in Busia County


Operational Areas of Ecogreen

Our area of operations currently hits to Bungoma County, in Mt.Elgon, Tongareni,Vihiga and Kakamega

The presence of International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) in Busia County

The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) is an intergovernmental development organization that promotes environmentally sustainable development using bamboo and rattan. It has 47 Member States. With over 40 of its Member States from the Global South, INBAR has played an especially strong role in promoting South-South cooperation for the last 20 years. Since its founding in 1997, it has been making a real difference to the lives of millions of people and environments around the world, with achievements in areas such as: raising standards; promoting safe, resilient bamboo construction; restoring degraded land; capacity-building; and informing green policy and Sustainable Development Goal objectives.Since 2017 International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) under Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme, has been working in Busia County through Eco Green, farmers are supported in bamboo farming for enhancing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation benefits by developing inclusive and sustainable industrial and SME bamboo value chains resulting in enhanced livelihood opportunities, food security and environment management.

Building capacity of artisans/entrepreneurs in areas such as furniture, weaving, handicraft, planting, training, sustainable harvesting and management, treatment, mapping, charcoal-briquettes making, propagation and construction. Bamboo has become an integral part of communities in the County in terms of ecological and economic security. Increased bamboo farming and product making in the County is an indicator of trade of bamboo products in the country and abroad. The bamboo species that thrive well in the county includes: Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa vulgaris var vittata, Bambusa tulda, Bambusa longinternode, Bambusa polymorpha, Oxytenanthera abyssinica,Dendrocalamus giganteus, Dendrocalamus barbatus, Dedrocalamus hamiltonii, and Dendrocalamus asper that have huge economic value and have comparative advantage towards leveraging bamboo for enhancing local livelihoods. The rural bamboo farmers focus now on bamboo resources for their livelihood and functional uses. In return, communities have nurtured and protected bamboo and are repositories of vast knowledge and skills related to the propagation, processing and usage of bamboo.



Special thanks go to the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR) for supporting the development of this platform as a tool to create awareness on bamboo across the world.