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The economy and society are intimately dependent upon the health of the environment.

Environmental assets (e.g. fertile soils, clean water, biomass and biodiversity) yield income,offer safety nets for the poor, maintain public health, and drive economic growth. But conversely,environmental hazards (e.g. pollution, environmental damage, and climate change) all threaten livelihoods and development. Poor people are especially dependent on environmental assets and are vulnerable to hazards. But environmental and developmental institutions and decisions tend to be separate, which results in environment being viewed as a set of problems rather than potentials. Eco Green Kenya focuses on two main programmes to improve the quality of environmental assets and the community livelihoods. These are inclusive growth and the transitions of green growth.

Bamboo as a substitute for Plastic Initiative

Our programs are anchored on the need to achieve the 10% forest cover but also realize the human right to water and sanitation- Our approach is therefore skewed to ensure integration of resources management and service provision for improved livelihoods. Our niche is in utilizing the bamboo resource to create employment through skill development. Below are our programs.

Environmental Conservation and Climate change
  • Ecosystem Restoration and agroforestry systems
  • Tree and bamboo nursery seedlings propagation
  • Capacity and training
  • Environment Education, advocacy and campaigns
  • Bamboo mapping, Sustainable Harvesting and Management
  • Bamboo Value Chain Addition and Agribusiness
  • Stakeholder coordination and collaboration

Water Governance
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • WASH Governance
  • Capacity strengthening
  • Stakeholder coordination and collaboration
  • Research and design