Enterprises Development

Bamboo Enterprises Development
• Bamboo Nurseries

We have vibrant bamboo nurseries that produce at least 200,000 planting material annually. Bamboo species available as recommended for lowland ecological zone including Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa vulgaris var vittata, Bambusa tulda,Bambusa longinternode, Bambusa polymorpha, Oxytenanthera abyssinica,Dendrocalamus giganteus, Dendrocalamus barbatus,, Dendrocalamus membraneceus, Dedrocalamus hamiltonii, and Dendrocalamus asper which are performing well and have huge economic value for rural growth. Bamboo farmers focus on bamboo resources for their livelihood and functional uses. In return, communities have nurtured and protected bamboo and are repositories of vast knowledge and skills related to the propagation, product making and usage of bamboo.

• Bamboo Farmers Cooperatives Societies

We have organised our bamboo farmers/ entrepreneurs in cooperatives /groups to develop a clear supply chain for the industry. The cooperatives/groups have their bylaws.

• Modern Bamboo Training and Production Centre ( MBTPC)

The MBTC is located at Burumba, Busia Town, providing training to artisan to acquire skills on Bamboo furniture, weaving, handicrafts, basic construction, Charcoal, briquettes and bamboo shoot preparation and preservation technology. Since its opening in April 2020, it has been a recognized training centre for bamboo, drawing students across the Country and neighboring Countries. The main purpose for the MBTC is to provide hand-on skill based and knowledge to create a pool of experts to drive the bamboo industry.

• Busia Bamboo School (BBS)

We are in the process of opening the first Bamboo School in Africa, in Busia County, Kenya; The School is designed to accommodate any learners globally. This is a purely Bamboo training school which focus on Bamboo innovation and research development. It is vision is to provide a platform for innovators and scientists at young age to spur the industry and support government development plans.